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Now you can have dynamic information and product views using Beamit 360-3D. We start by taking your products or facilities (buildings, parks) and creating a 3D view of those items from scratch or photos. We export the 3D 360O view and insert it into a page layout for PDF export or into a Web page for viewing.

Information that consumers want to view are now in interactive 3D. A flat/2D view just can’t tell the story or sell your solution. There are many options:
  • Hardware views with rotation and dimension measurements
  • Product views with color options
  • Building exteriors and interiors
  • Amusement parks landscape and ride views
  • Motor vehicles with option configurations
  • Open/close product (inside view)
  • Add-on modules for products - see them added
Display 3D models
Click to animate adventures
Interactive user views
Rotate, flip, zoom
Measure actual dimensions
View buildings and tours
      Use Beamit 3D modeling services
Convert your photo sets to 3D
Sample color options for buyers
Small PDF files for email campaigns
Create HTML/XML Web pages
Uses Acrobat Reader 7.0 up
3D Modeling & Navigation Tool Bars Scroll down to view vvvvvv.
We convert photos to 3D models with full 360 viewing capabilities. We do the photo work on site or you can mail us your products. Our specialty is 3D animation from scratch so you can do pre-production announcements. See samples by clicking the Illustration & Animation link in the left menu. Below is a sample model that goes into a Web page & datasheet (PDF).
The 3D model is created from scratch by our design team or from your photos. See the final datasheet by clicking the left menu item. Navigation tool bars are selected to manage the views of the 3D model, then the complete image with navigation is sent to a PDF or HTML file. Do step-through presentations with a sliding navigator (bottom sample).
Web Pages
Web pages are generated along with the PDF outputs so you can show it on your site and send a PDF of your product, facility, adventure, etc. See the view below for how a Web page might look. Use your mouse to grab the image and rotate views. Use the navigation menu below it to select other viewing options. Click the PDF image in the left menu to see the PDF. Scroll down to view vvvvvv.
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