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we go back to mainframe days of building and marketing custom retail/pos systems . we have a very structured, disciplined approach to everything we do. we service organizations from fortune 100 companies to startups.

we are a perfect fit for smaller organizations that need a full-service organization with an eye on the bottom line as well as the top line. for larger organizations, we bring a creative edge with rapid turnaround on projects. because we scale projects to meet the needs of clients, we are able to work with clients' resident vendors and conform to internal standards.

following is a partial list of clients and sample projects executed. see output samples under marketing.

actelis is a global networking company providing carrier etherent over copper. we have provided 3d animation for product introductions, web site services, creative and content development. we provided brand guidance for the ceo for new company and product positioning.
amdahl is a fortune 100 supplier of mainframe systems to large-scale organizations. we have provide creative services to various organizations, including animation, kickoff meeting video, tradeshow support, product naming and identity, interactive sales cdroms, and website content.
chordiant software supplies crm software to major organizations. we worked with their management team in setting strategy and development priorities for new product releases prior to their 2000 ipo.
chuckwalla provides high-end software for cms for companies like black and decker and cnn. we developed a dynamic brandimage for presentation to the market and marketing content in a complete redesign of the company's identity, website, collateral, interactive sales cdrom, product animation, and partner tools.
cisco is a fortune 100 technology company. their services group wanted a way to advance sales opportunities for the installed base. we built a new webpage, based on cisco standards, that allowed sales teams to access global sales tools and systems. we produced a quickstart booklet/cdrom with solution animation.

compaq provides desktop solutions. for a joint partnership with sco, we produced a cdrom of worldwide customer testimonials. the cd also included a product overview, new collateral, and website links.
filanet was a us company with venture funding and european offices. we updated their identity to accelerate channels. we produced a new look for their sales cd, with 3d animation of product architectures, an advertising campaign, direct mailer and images that were used by their agency.
we worked with fujitsu in several divisions. for example, with the fujitsu electronics group which produces high-end flat screens and peripheral products, we did a kick meeting video production for them. this was a takeoff on godzilla for the japanese contingency in a worldwide meeting.
grand battery technologies of malaysia wanted to enter the us market with their rechargeable alkaline battery system. we did focus testing, redesigned their packaging, and produced pos, trade presenters, live action animation tv commercial with all us adi buys and built their retail distribution channels.
hewlett-packard is a technology leader for printers, systems and engineering devices. when they decided to be in the software business, we helped them illustrate and animate one of their first entrants into the solutions market, adminflow with was an integrated workflow solution.
oracle provides database software for virtually every major operation in the world. we did their worldwide marketing communications plan for several years. we also worked with the direct marketing division in providing direction for their partner programs working with tom siebel.
rohner & assocaiates is a major silicon valley strategy company delivering sales channel strategies for startups to fortune 10 organizations. we provide channel marketing services, collateral, web sites, and product launches services for their clients as a part of the rohner team.
the santa cruz operation (tarantella) delivers desktop version of unix. we have worked with them for years to produce interactive cds, partner programs, sales tools, web content, and some exciting kickoffs for sales including rock.n'.roll bands with original music scores.

siebel (now oracle) provides crm systems for major companies. we were aprt of their advisory group before starting siebel. we worked with tom siebel on the original positioning and then did their logo and initial business materials.
sun microsystems provides the systems and network solutions that make the web work. we have done creative work for the various divisions for software, hardware, and microelectronics. this includes illustration, animation, video production and packaging.

symantec is the leading antivirus solution worldwide. we provided a "compass" or product solutions navigator for their sales channels (30,000 partners) to use for accelerating sales by helping creating product group selling recommendations.

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