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My works registered with WGA West and ready for production:

Based on the "Illegal Acts Seizure and Forfeiture Laws" the bad guys know how to work the drug laws in their favor. This occurs daily in the U.S. with no remedy. Oliver Stone Productions reviewed as possible option project.

Reg. WGAw  No.535499


An Iraq vet returns to find his family farm confiscated under the war on drugs. Welcome to your new battleground, soldier
A Florida crime boss partners with law dogs in Iowa looking for new markets. Using the Illegal Acts Seizure and Forfeiture Law for gain, they take on the wrong couple, Cody and Dee Hawkins. Assistant DA, Dee uses her legal muscle, but she's no match for the syndicate whose approach is one of "The Business of Law." The crooks take it too far, planting drugs and seizing the family farm in concert with a vicious murder. Cody teams with brother Mack (Iraq vet), and it's an all out war with an Iowa army in tow. Unusual action sequences in a timely, powerful personal story that delivers a sweet justice for Cody and Dee. Strong characters, major star vehicles, Iraq vet and drug law issues bring the heat.


Jerry Zucker reviewed as one of the funniest things he'd come across in a long time. They produce from internal groups, so his team wouldn't let him option it.

Reg. WGAw  No. 523955


Two strangers meet surfing, share an ex-wife, and everything else along the way
Rob loses his childhood best friend in Vietnam and vows to never like again, until Larry enters; Rob reluctantly saves Larry’s life while surfing. Larry and Rob become best friends, and do a tag-team marriage with ex-wife, wife, ex-wife Gina. This comedy explores the limits of friendship as Larry and Bob share the lovable Lisa raising her in the face of the enemy (ex-wife). The reluctant threesome proves laughter is the best medicine for dealing with modern relationships among very strange friends. Surfing action for the high school crowd, and comedy and romance for all.


Golfing 'who-dun it' following high school buddies through adulthood.

Reg. WGAw  No.505187


A golfing dramaody about growing up
Four college buddies go different directions after graduation, but stay in contact through their weekly golf game at the Stone Mountain Golf Club. The only thing that has really changed is their golf handicaps, as the Atlanta Police Force takes an interest in all. Mickey Sumeral's story wrestles with his conflict between family, career and lifetime friends, as a black athlete graduated to district judge through his struggles to get into 'The White Country Club’ of life. Mickey, the rich kid, the playboy, and the neurotic doctor foursome face serious challenges from their college prank days to adulthood. Drama with comedy edge aimed at the Fast Times at Ridgemont High crowd.


Good reviews from several sources, ready to film in San Francisco.

Reg. WGAw 701391


A romantic comedy with a sexual harassment twist in San Francisco
Dashing executive Terry Capollo finds himself politically incorrect as the target of, it seems, angry women everywhere. He pushes his female staff a little too hard and finds himself on the outside looking in as he is fired for being, well, ‘too Italian.’ He loses it all and the only job he can find is working for a gay boss who turns the tables; macho Terry must pretend to be a gay-fem to keep his job. His old adversary, Victoria, finds wearing Terry’s Vice President pants is no easy task either. In a world gone politically wacko, there is one magical place, where all the hearts left in San Francisco remain... Pier 47. Terry and Vicki evaluate their priorities, and find love the old fashion way... they earn it. A romantic comedy that explores what women want and men really need.

Includes plans for video game to go with movie.

Reg. WGAw  No.512014


A time travel fantasy w/ HG Wells' nephew
J.G. Wells (H.G. Wells nephew) is a lousy history student. H.G. wants him to learn history the proper way... travel back and learn it as it happens. But, like most kids he skips out (or forward) to enjoy his favorite pastime, several thousand miles and many, many years away. The future is the expected mess, but baseball, remains the one constant, until the L.A. Dodgers 2025 season opener becomes the center of a holocaust, destroying America, and with it, J.G.'s pastime. He is hurled through a black hole to 1787, crashing at the signing of the Constitution. But there is a solution... The Philly Five!

George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson return to save the Constitution, and baseball, in the election year of 2024! PG audiences from 8 to 80 will be second-guessing this one while riding the wave of Morta Dragons, Time Machine Victoria-2, black holes, modern tech-toys, three-party political debates, National Enquirer smear campaigns, interactive TV game show elections (“Wheel of Candidates”), and the first ever Worldwide Series.


This is a treatment that can be a full script in weeks. Designed for desktop 3D animation live-action over video via my animation group and hi-def direct to DVD production. Low budget production with hi-gross potential. Creepy tale based on NW Indian Legend.

Reg. WGAw 1366414

Horror legend comes to life in the deep forest
Kalle Kolner is a chiseled hulk of man that bears the scars of his youth on the inside and outside. In past concert with a cruel father he killed a grizzly mother and her cub. This stirs the legend of the Hatawa Yeltuci: A large bear, moving silently, that crushes bones. The Hatawa Yeltuci embodies all the killing forces in nature… a brutal warrior with a resolve to protect its territory. Kalle enters the forest with his family as the clouds drape the setting for a massacre. Hatawa can be a deer, a snake, a crow, a massive grizzly... even a giant woodpecker. Only the trees can hear you scream in the forest.

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