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Get to market faster, reach thousands of prospects, and empower your sales force and reseller channels.

Beamit's proprietary Mystroz Media Platform allows us to rapidly build multimedia email and direct marketing campaigns. Application templates are pre-developed for various market segments and then Beamit builds animation and rich media to quickly populate the templates and setup for email campaigns using one of our partners or we work from your list. We host all the media and the applications so you don't need anything other than content for us to build from. We do all the media, animation, writing, etc. You can use your mailing house or we can recommend email campaign vendors.

If you have media ready to go, we can simply drop it in and get moving quickly. Movies can play in 16:9, 4:3 or any format you desire. Background art can be static or animated. Button actions can be defined as well as pre-defined actions for Send to a Friend, Replay Intro and Help (about you or the subject).

You may also create a CD/DVD using Mystroz for standalone operation or insertion into collateral or other materials. Applications load rapidly, stream content, and are a simple link in an email that is not seen as SPAM or objectionable content. We can do campaigns using Mystroz templates for these markets:


      Application Templates for: 
AUTHOR for writers & book publishers

          • APPLAUD for independent music artists and labels

          • INFORM for product & solutions overview
          • MARKETING for consumer products


Below is a sample screen shot of a Mystroz Author Template with a link to purchase via Amazon.
To view Demo, click image below.

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