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Beamit has several templates for marketing plans that cover basic company and product launches, to startup funding, and Fortune 100 company marketing communications. Plans are done as confidential documents, so we can share them, but we know how to do planning for every marketing purpose. Following are some examples of the plans and their outcomes.

Worldwide communications plan

Startup funding plan

Product rollout

Marketing communications

Business Plan small startup

Plan for national brand

Fortune 50 company delivery of marketing communciations plan for $80 million allocated for the different operating divisions and multiple product and services offerings. (Fujitsu/Amdahl)

Introduction and channel development for a consumer .com services startup group that resulted in $18 million in funding based on the plan. Included staged opening of sales regions, partner development, radio and TV spots, advertising, and event and telemarketing support. (

Channel development and rollout plan for a consumer goods product with strategy for engaging both the channels and consumers they servered. (Oracle)

Fortune 10 company marketing communciations plan to set next years spending levels based on market penetration and revenue goals. (Oracle)

Business and marketing plan for a startup software company for use by founders for funding. (Brandsoft)

Business and marketing plan for a restaurant that planned on extending to a national brand with franchising and brand promotions. Included plan for offering packaged goods at retail levels. (Kookez Cafe)


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